shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india Product Range


A broad spectrum of knowledge. A keen insight to the operation, with years of experience in the rubber molding industry. We have prototyping capabilities that permit us to provide customers with product samples, demonstrating our technology. We have set ourselves apart from other rubber companies by using the latest technologies.

shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india Slient Block


We design and develop a wide range of silent block which are fabricated using optimum quality raw material and can be offered as per the specifications provided by the client.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india Stabilizer BarBush


An automotive vehicle-use stabilizer bar bushing comprising a generally cylindrical rubber-made elastic body having formed therein in the center there of an insertion hole through which a stabilizer bar is axially inserted.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india Anti VibrationMounts


Shalaka Polymers produces tailor-made mounts, shock and vibration isolators to suit all types of machinery irrespective of weight, size and functions. The mountings are required for every industry whether for our own use or for various equipments.

We manufacture a wide range of Anti-Vibration Mountings suitable for various types of machines where vibration isolation is necessary.

We also make Anti-Vibration Mountings (AVM's) in custom designs and sizes.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india Shockup Bush


We manufacture and provide a wide range of shock brush using premium quality raw material, which find a wide application areas.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india Buffers


Rubber buffers are characterized by their very high elasticity and tensile strength. Other qualities are their notch impact resistance and good abrasive resistance. Buffers have the highest mechanical and dynamic load capacities.

We have a wide range of rubber buffers, whose properties allow a variety of applications thereby, establishing the use of rubber technology within modern methods.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india Bellow


Shalaka Polymers offers dust covers, expansion ducts, bellows, screw covers, etc, in any shape or size for protection of precious and precision machine parts.

These products are used to protect lead screws, shafts, spindles, guide ways, cylinders, pistons from dust, foreign particles etc.

These bellows are offered in various shapes, viz, rectangular, round, square, c-type, hexagon, octagon, taper, polygon type in rubber and other special materials suitable to functional application conditions.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  O-Rings


We are specializes in the production of rubber 'O' rings in various designs and sizes.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  Spring Bush


We at Shalaka Polymers have a wide range of spring bushes, whose properties allow a variety of applications thereby,establishing the use of rubber technology within modern methods.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  Diaphragm


Rubber diaphragms have been specifically designed to perform in the most demanding applications. We offer a wide range of plastic diaphragms.

We also manufacture custom designs for your product or application.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  Impeller


All our Impellers are precision machined which increases accuracy and efficiency. Impeller vane shapes are contoImpellar Nashik India Industryured for maximum performance and efficiency.

The exceptional high strength-to-weight ratio permits a much lighter weight impeller. This means a substantial reduction in start-up load, longer bearing and mechanical seal life, and less shaft deflection.

We can supply any type of impellers by customer order.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  Link Bush


As the manufacturer of custom bushes we offer more sizes, styles. Link Bush Nashik India Industry. This innovative spirit continues today as we constantly develop new designs, processes, and materials that result in improved products for its customers.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  Hanger


We are trying to serve the best quality and service which can move customers through the basic managerial purposes which are high grade, even quality and development of new technology.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  Gaskets


We at Shalaka Polymers can cut most materials Gaskets Products Nashik India Industry for you. We can die-cut, strip, circle-cut and hand cut gaskets in virtually any rubber and non-asbestos material.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  Grip Handle


The handle grip you choose will serve as the main point of contact between your product and your potential customer. Utilizing one of Shalaka Polymers innovative grip designs will help ensure that this contact is a positive one for your customer.

As the manufacturer of custom handle grips we offer more sizes, styles. This innovative spirit continues today as we constantly develop new designs, processes, and materials that result in improved products for its customers.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  Rubber Profile


At Shalaka Polymers you can access a wide variety of Extrusion Rubber Profile Nashik India Industry rubber extrusions, including custom extruded profiles in continuous lengths or cut to length, and intricate profile shapes. The extruded products come in a wide variety of compounds, and color-matching services are available.

Our rubber extrusions are utilized in a variety of industries. We are constantly striving for excellence.


shalaka-polymers-head-nashik-india  Plastic Parts


General Plastic Goods for various end uses are produced as per specification and drawing offered by the buyer. They can also be designed by us if service conditions are stipulated.

Prominent among the products are plastic parts for industrial & agricultural applications.

We at Shalaka Polymers are always engaged into research and development of new products for our clients. We custom design and get the exact requirement for our customers.



"Shalaka Polymers, Nashik is one of the leading manufacturers of quality polymer & rubber products in India."

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